About Norfolk

Norfolk Island is unlike anywhere on earth. Blessed with a natural environment that is a photographer’s glory, the Island’s unique and fascinating history imbue it with a culture and feel uniquely it’s own. With a UN recognized endangered language (Norfuk), UNESCO world heritage site and two Hollywood movies depicting the ancestry of the local people, the land and its people have no shortage of stories to share.

Scenically Norfolk Island is beautiful beyond words. The serene Emily Bay highlights a list of awe-inspiring beaches, while a plethora of rainforest and ocean-front walks ensure that even the most active are kept inspired.

Burnt Pine, the commercial heart of Norfolk, offers duty-free shopping, farmer’s markets, excellent restaurants and all the modern conveniences of home. Yet at the end of the day, it’s the subtleties of Norfolk that best define it. Cows with right-of-way, inspired Island cuisine, friendly and caring locals, and most of all, the blissful moment when you realize you’ve arrived in paradise.

Select images credited to Robin Nisbet Photography and Norfolk Island Tourism

Guest Testimonial

"The most beautiful, relaxing place on the planet. Views spectacular, people going out of their way to show us this fantastic place."

Barbara, Adelaide, SA