Our Story

Tintoela means sweetheart in the Norfolk language. Fittingly, it's here where Hunky Evans, a direct descendent of the Bounty Mutineers, chose to build his dream home with his Canadian sweetheart, Laurie. Designed and crafted by Hunky, himself a master builder, the beautiful island-style Hunky’s Homestead is where Hunky and Laurie raised their five children.

When their eldest child turned 13 the family decided to move to Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada. Excited at the opportunity to share Tintoela with visitors, Kushu and Hilli Cottages were built and the property was meticulously prepared for its next chapter as Norfolk's premiere boutique property.

Today, the family spends time both in Victoria and on Norfolk Island. Tintoela is still very much a part of their lives. As all those who have stayed at Tintoela can attest, it becomes part of your heart from the moment you arrive, embracing you with beauty, comfort and serenity. The feeling is almost magic. A lot like the feeling you had when you met your first sweetheart.

Thank you for visiting. We take great pride in sharing Tintoela with you.

Laurie, Hunky and family

Guest Testimonial

"We arrived with great expectations and left in awe of this grand home. Tintoela is the most elegant way to experience this naturally beautiful island. Thank you for sharing it."

Cukeric Family, Narrabeen, NSW